Subtitling for film festivals

Subtitling for film festivals

Sub-ti was founded in order to offer subtitling services to both film festivals and film archives. Our team features subtitlers, translators and technicians, all of whom have worked for film festivals over many years and possess the necessary skills and expertise to carry out their role. Thanks to our advanced patented software system and the commitment of our staff, we are able to offer a unique, tailored and high-quality service at competitive rates.

With  hundreds of translators, proofreaders, operators and project managers in multiple geographical locations, we cater for the needs of 3 to 5 festivals at a time, while ensuring regular services to film archives and all other clients.

Our clients range from major international film festivals such as the Venice Film Festival to smaller, yet highly regarded festivals such as the Zurich Film Festival, or the London Spanish Film Festival.

The Sub-ti Projection System

Video Projection

Sub-ti offers a complete video-projection system for subtitles. This ground-breaking system uses its own patented software, developed to fulfil the specific demands of live film festival subtitling.

Bi-lingual operators

For all film screenings, Sub-ti employs bilingual operators. Linguistic and technical competence together ensure that operators can easily switch to manual synchronisation of subtitles, should the automated system fail for any reason. Sub-ti is therefore able to ensure seamless, high-quality services – over and above a purely automated system.


The Sub-ti software system allows for variations in font size, width and line spacing. In order to optimise legibility, subtitle size and format can easily be adapted to fit the film format as well as the actual size of the screening hall.

Easy-to-read/Reader-friendly subtitles

Sub-ti projects easy-to-read subtitles: they are sharper and less intrusive than those of an electronic display system. Their quality is close to that of subtitles printed on film. A video-projected subtitle does not annoy viewers and it satisfies even the most demanding film fan.

Two Tier Checks

With its multinational staff, Sub-ti is able to offer a vigorous, two-tiered system of quality control. For example, the translation and adaptation of an Italian film into English is always carried out by a mother-tongue English translator and subsequently discussed with a mother-tongue Italian translator.