Subtitling Theatre

Subtitling for theatre

We provide surtitles, also called supertitles, for theatre and any other type of live performance. Our services are both intralingual and interlingual. Our clients include internationally-known festivals such as the Biennale Teatro in Venice.

We also worked with outstanding international productions such as Richard III, directed by Kevin Spacey for the Old Vic theatre in London, UK, and staged in Doha, Qatar, with our Arabic surtitles and in Naples, Italy, with our Italian surtitles.

For live performances, we offer a full service which includes the provision of all the necessary equipment (projectors, screens, software) and the live delivery of surtitles by our expert multilingual operators.

With our sister company Sub-ti Access, we also offer accessibility services for theatre and live events. We have already made accessible a number of theatre plays and operas for the visually and hearing impaired.