Subtitling for TV Networks

Subtitling services to TV Networks

With its long-standing expertise in the provision of subtitles for live events, cinema and broadcasting, Sub-ti offers today a wide variety of services for TV networks. For example, we regularly provide multi-language subtitles for TV series, as well as single language versions of entire collections of the best drama series from around the world.  Among others, Walter Presents, UK, is a regular client.

Featuring interlingual and intralingual subtitles (both pre-recorded and live), but also audio description for the visually impaired, our services allow broadcasters to cater for the needs of increasingly diverse audiences. We are able to guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of technological resources, working methods, delivery times and formats.

Specialist services

Interlingual subtitling

Still our core business, with a yearly output of over 4,000 hours of subtitled material, our interlingual subtitling services follow state-of-the art practices and can be customised to meet the requirements of each client. We offer translations from/into 30 different languages, ranging from Japanese to Arabic, from Romanian to Catalan.

Audio description

In line with the EU directives for media broadcasters, Sub-ti has been providing audio description for the blind and visually impaired for several years. It has developed a highly-qualified, university-trained team of audio describers who are able to ensure top-quality services within short times. It has also designed its own set of standards which reflect national and international guidelines. Most importantly, audio description is provided by Sub-ti as a full service, which goes from the creation of AD scripts to studio recording with qualified voice talents and mixing with the film soundtracks.

Subtitling for the deaf and hearing impaired

Sub-ti has provided subtitles for the hearing impaired for several years – at live events, film festivals and TV broadcasts.

We rely on a well-trained, experienced team of specialist subtitlers who work in line to national and international standards. Our practical experience and academic research feedback allow us to tailor our SDH services to the requirements of each client as well as to the demands of hearing impaired audiences in different countries throughout Europe.We also provide subtitling by respeaking, both from our premises and in-house.

Our respeaking services make use of internationally-renowned, state-of-the art software and technology.